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Enhancing excellence in Cable Protection Systems: Unveiling the unseen strengths of CRP Subsea’s NjordGuard

The NjordGuard cable protection system is not just a product, but a comprehensive solution crafted with precision, innovation, and dedication.


CRP Subsea takes pride in presenting the NjordGuard Cable Protection System (CPS), a cutting-edge solution designed to safeguard subsea cables with unmatched efficiency. Beyond the visible features that customers appreciate, there lies a world of excellence in our manufacturing processes, bespoke equipment, unrivalled capacity, and high productivity capabilities. Below we delve into the unseen aspects that make NjordGuard stand out in the subsea cable protection industry.

State-of-the-art manufacturing facility

Behind the scenes, our manufacturing facility stands as a testament to precision and innovation. Equipped with the latest technology, our facility ensures the production of NjordGuard systems adheres to the highest API 17L quality standards. The facility is designed for efficiency, enabling us to meet the demands of diverse projects without compromising on the excellence that defines CRP Subsea. The extensive history and track record of capacity at CRP Subsea set us apart, providing our clients with a level of assurance that is unmatched in the industry.

Bespoke manufacturing equipment

At the heart of our manufacturing process is a purpose-built manufacturing facility specially designed for NjordGuard production. This specialised facility allows us to achieve a level of customisation that addresses unique project requirements. The synergy between our skilled workforce and this cutting-edge facility results in cable protection systems that not only meet but exceed industry expectations. Tools are internally liquid heated, to ensure a constant temperature throughout the manufacturing process to control the exotherm and product quality.

Unrivalled capacity

The industry leading manufacturing facility includes a state-of-the-art semi-automated production line that significantly increases our production capacity. CRP Subsea takes pride in its unrivalled production capacity, enabling us to scale our operations according to project size and timelines. Our ability to meet large-scale demands without compromising on quality ensures that NjordGuard remains a reliable choice for subsea cable protection in projects of any magnitude.

High productivity capabilities

NjordGuard is more than just a product; it represents a commitment to efficiency and productivity. Our manufacturing processes are streamlined to optimise productivity without compromising on the precision and quality that define CRP Subsea's standards. This ensures that our clients receive their NjordGuard systems on schedule, facilitating timely project execution.

Quality assurance

While the NjordGuard system is visible as a robust and reliable cable protection solution, our commitment to quality goes beyond the final product. Rigorous quality control measures are embedded in every stage of the manufacturing process, ensuring that each NjordGuard system meets and exceeds industry standards. This commitment to quality, coupled with our unbeatable 30 year performance record, provides our customers with the confidence that their subsea cables are protected with the utmost reliability.

Engineering capability

With over 130 years of collective experience, the engineering team at CRP Subsea represents a breadth of expertise unrivalled in CPS Design.  Market leaders in global analysis, the team have developed bespoke Orcaflex models to accurately and efficiently simulate the complexities of the full CPS system and environment by working with customers, 3rd party reviewers and the software developers.  Local and thermal analysis of the CPS components are performed using a combination of classic hand calculations and detailed capacity based FEA as appropriate to offer design assurance and a risk-free project delivery.

Testing & qualification

CRP Subsea has exceptional testing facilities, equipped with world-class material testing and analytical laboratories, to ensure our solutions meet stringent global standards in some of the harshest and most extreme operating conditions. With our advanced equipment our expert technicians can conduct comprehensive material characterisation through a range of analysis, including thermal, mechanical, dynamic, operational abrasion, and fatigue, as well as full-scale physical and factory acceptance tests (FAT) in both wet and dry situations. This ensures that NjordGuard systems are precisely engineered to meet specific requirements, offering unrivalled performance. Our testing contributes to material qualification programs and accurate performance prediction, guaranteeing product reliability that exceeds industry standards.

The NjordGuard CPS is not just a product, but a comprehensive solution crafted with precision, innovation, and dedication. Our unseen strengths, including an unbeatable history and track record, a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, bespoke equipment, unrivalled capacity, and high productivity capabilities, are the pillars that uphold the excellence of NjordGuard. Choose CRP Subsea for a cable protection system that goes beyond expectations, safeguarding your subsea assets with unmatched reliability.

By Andy Smith, Head of Sales (CPS) at CRP Subsea.

If you have a requirement for NjordGuard cable protection systems, contact our expert team today to discuss your latest project.

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