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10 benefits of ContraFlex® thermal insulation jackets for HVAC customers

AIS ContraFlex® insulation jackets for HVAC systems have numerous benefits that go beyond heat loss reduction, although it is a key consideration.


It is common knowledge that HVAC insulation jackets need to be able to match the required temperature range of the HVAC system, but this is just the start. We understand the different needs of our HVAC customers and have put this into every bespoke jacket. Check the list of benefits of our ContraFlex® jackets below to see if they meet the demands of your insulation requirement.

10 benefits of ContraFlex® insulation jackets for HVAC systems
  • Each jacket is removable. Both quick to install and easy to remove for maintenance and inspection, our customers experience less downtime when using ContraFlex® jackets
  • Our incsulation jackets are tailor-made for flanges, valves, and every element in HVAC systems and plant rooms
  • Customers have the option of passive fire protection where fire resistance is a key requirement
  • We use 3D scanning technology, allowing us to accurately and conveniently create bespoke insulation jackets that are a perfect fit every time
  • ContraFlex® jackets lead to a quick return on investment due to reduced running costs
  • ISO 15665 Class A, B and C acoustic insulation, tested to ISO, Shell and Norsok standards – reducing noise to improve site working conditions
  • We have a global reach thanks to our numerous facilities across different continents
  • Our jackets are made with a range of innovative materials that can be as thin as 25mm, making ContraFlex® an ideal solution for HVAC systems in congested areas
  • ContraFlex® jackets help maintain a stable temperature range for increased efficiency of the HVAC syste
  • The energy saved running the insulated HVAC system leads to reduced carbon emissions.

For more information, take a look at a HVAC customer case study. Click to read about how our team provided 100’s of jackets for one HVAC project in just five days. This is just one example of how we meet large-scale demand within a rapid turnaround time to deliver for our HVAC customers.

We also offer a complete service including a unique heat loss survey program that provides expected savings in energy costs and CO₂. Contact our team today at [email protected] to find out more.

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