Bespoke, cost-saving solution for Karish FPSO project

Working with Energean, AIS provided a unique solution for the Karish natural gas field FPSO, located offshore Israel.

The customer required water intake risers to cool essential equipment and prevent overheating. However, their requirement was not simple due to the length of the line they needed to protect. Our dynamic team suggested a hybrid, cost-saving solution.


The highlights

Time saving

The quick installation time of the water intake risers was supervised by AIS Bardot technician.

Unique solution

We provided our fully qualified hybrid solution. It was the first time the customer selected this new technology for their FPSO.        


Energean were fully satisfied with our teams project execution and quality of delivered package. 



Our team proposed a hybrid solution comprised of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and rubber hose sections. However, we faced the challenge of a customer who hadn’t worked with HDPE on this type of project before as traditional solutions only use a rubber hose.

We supplied several 80m long riser lines to allow pumping of fresh water to cool down onboard equipment and increase production capacity.     

This hybrid solution was a cost-effective alternative to regular systems which are expensive, especially for long riser lines. As the length of line increases, our solution becomes more desirable.



The solution was made bespoke to our customer’s unique needs and installed rapidly under the supervision of our own AIS Bardot technician. This ensured the project ended with Energean being fully satisfied with our execution and the quality of the delivered package. 

The confidence we inspire is the result of our dedication to using highly qualified materials; and we have a complete qualification report for HDPE, approved by major companies. Our ContraFlex® team also installed passive fire protection for risers on the same FPSO, showing how at AIS, we can meet different types of customer requirements.

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