ContraTherm® solution supplied and applied to multiple manifolds

Our customer had five different manifolds to insulate over two projects at their site offshore Norway. A high temperature and fast application solution were essential in order to meet the requirements and keep to the tight schedule.

Using our local application team, we applied ContraTherm® C25 and C55 to provide optimal levels of insulation.


The highlights

Flexible team

Our team worked in parallel on multiple structures to deploy C25 and C55

Large capacity

Over 25,000 kg of material was manufactured and applied by AIS on five different structures

Multiple solutions

One project had a high temperature (160°C) requirement making C55 the perfect solution.



Having multiple insulation solutions available allows us to meet the client's project requirements exactly. AIS recommended the use of our ContraTherm® C25 syntactic silicone system due to the cast-in-place efficient on-site application and extensive track record.

ContraTherm® C55 phenolic epoxy system was ideal due to the high-temperature performance of the material and extensive track record on past phases of the project.



AIS completed the application of ContraTherm® C25 & C55 to insulate and protect the customer's asset. Working closely with the customer throughout, we successfully completed the work.

To add to this, using our own in-house application teams meant we could flex the workforce to meet the demands of the project, completing it within the required timescale.

Success stories

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