Flexible riser buoyancy

AIS’ distributed buoyancy modules allow operators, engineering organisations and installation contractors to create specific riser configurations to reduce topside tension loads in flexible risers including lazy wave and steep wave.


Our solution

Our distributed buoyancy modules combined with internal clamp solutions provide fast, simple and efficient installation, minimising vessel time and reducing the risk and cost of buoyancy module application.

Up to 3000 msw

AIS buoyancy solutions can be configured for depths ranging from 0 to 3000 msw and beyond and can manufacture to customer specific designs.

Ease of installation

Our buoyancy modules and clamping solutions have been engineered for fast and simple installation, using readily available tools, reducing risk and minimising installation time on the installation vessel.


Our buoyancy solutions are qualified to leading industry and operator standards, including API17-L1 and API17-L2, ensuring the finished products are suitable for use subsea for more than 25 years.

Success stories

A 20 year track record


Buoyancy solution increases efficiency of oil company

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AIS develops time saving and innovative hinged module solution

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