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Outstanding battery pack protection for electric vehicles

A lightweight, protective solution exists in the form of ContraFlame® S10


There are multiple reasons why it is important to keep a vehicle battery pack as lightweight as possible. Two of the most prominent include added performance and increased range. Lightweight battery pack protection, such as ContraFlame® S10, enables just that.

Most importantly though, safety of personnel and critical equipment is paramount. So how do manufacturers prevent the devastating impact of thermal runaway in a battery pack without compromising performance?

Thankfully a lightweight battery pack protection solution exists in the form of S10. It is our dry fit, defensive layer for electric vehicle battery packs or single cells. As it is less than 1mm thick, it takes up minimal vent space. It is best described as a flexible, self-adhesive coated fabric. These attributes ensure it can fit to any bespoke shape in the battery pack.

In terms of protection, S10 has been subjected to over 200 tests at temperatures of over 1,300°C. These tests ensure it shields the battery enclosure or substrate by resisting high temperatures, impact and abrasion from debris, and protects against blast and pressure waves.

S10 is a highly advanced option for electric vehicle (among other applications) manufacturers looking to protect their battery pack when exposed to high temperatures that can occur in the event of an accident.

A market-leading solution, S10 is a product that electric vehicle manufacturers, and indeed, the drivers of their products, rely on in the event of a disaster.

Find out more about S10 here or alternatively contact our team to discuss your requirement. For more news about our ranges of innovative products follow us on LinkedIn.

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