Product specifications

In the event of a fire or thermal runaway, Q57 shields the battery enclosure or substrate by resisting high temperatures, impact and abrasion from debris, and protects against blast and pressure waves. Q57 helps to prevent thermal runaway in electric vehicles (among other applications) from progressing, protecting life and critical equipment.

  • Protects against temperatures of over 1300 °C
  • Capable of being fitted to acute angles, Q57 is ideal for complex geometric shapes
  • Lightweight - an important trait for increasing the range and performance of a battery pack
  • Low smoke and toxicity during a fire
  • Flexible and less than 1 mm thick, Q57 offers advanced protection without intruding into vent space
  • Its unique properties mean that, unlike intumescents, Q57 stays the same thickness throughout a fire event.

Tested for use in the toughest conditions

Suitable for a wide range of materials

Applied and tested on steel, aluminium, carbon composite, glass composite, SMC, and a variety of other materials and substrate thicknesses.

Variation in thermal runaway

The extent of our testing allows AIS to characterise different vent behaviours. Q57 provides the highest performance, offering protection against both intense jet fire scenarios, and sustained energy releases.

The result of 200+ tests

AIS tests different cell formats, energy densities, chemistries, and vent spaces. These include some of the world's most reputable cell brands, such as CATL, SVOLT, and CALB among others.

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