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ContraTherm® C55 subsea insulation – a trusted solution

When looking for subsea insulation, operators must find a reliable solution to minimise the risk of failure. We have advanced solutions to suit different requirements.

Introducing ContraTherm® C55 subsea insulation. With no failures in its 25 years of service, it is designed to be a reliable, maintenance-free product that performs in the most complex and demanding subsea oil and gas environments.
C55 also provides significant weight savings compared to alternative solutions. These include epoxy olefins or solid silicone systems with higher densities. A low-density syntactic material, it reduces costs by minimising the overall weight applied to subsea structures because it is a low-density syntactic material. This is all without compromising performance.
More than a weight-saving solution, C55 protects against temperatures of up to 150°C and offers proven resistance to hydrostatic pressure at water depths of 3000m.
With cost savings, proven insulation properties and deep-water performance, it is no wonder that C55 has protected subsea infrastructure for over 25 years.
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