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Bend protection solutions to be deployed on oil field in Brazil

An energy technology company is to benefit from using two bend protection solutions


CRP Subsea has recently secured a significant contract from a major energy technology company. Under this contract, CRP Subsea will deliver two bend protection solutions for an offshore oil field situated off the coast of Brazil. Bend stiffeners and bend restrictors will be used on a flexible pipe system to protect the pipes at the termination points.

Dynamic bend stiffeners will be engineered to cater to the unique requirements of both top and bottom risers when they connect to the floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) vessel. In these dynamic applications it is of upmost importance to protect the flexible risers from excessive movement or bending that could potentially cause fatigue damage in this demanding offshore environment. By implementing specially designed bend stiffeners at these crucial termination points, will not only prevent pipeline damage but also significantly reduce operational and maintenance costs. Maximising the lifespan of the risers eliminates the need for unscheduled cable replacements or repairs, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency throughout their service life.

Bend restrictors will be designed for use on the service and production flowlines where they connect to the wellhead. This bend-limiting solution is ideal for subsea static applications. They effectively provide protection and prevent damage at the subsea termination points. The interlocking vertebrae of the bend restrictors form a semi-rigid curved structure around the flowline and firmly lock out at a predetermined radius. This mechanism ensures reliable protection for the flowline by effectively preventing any bending beyond the designated minimum bending radius (MBR) during installation and throughout the project's lifespan.

Ben Stubbens, Sales Team Manager at CRP Subsea states:

"We are thrilled to receive another order for our bending protection solutions from a valued customer. This reinforces their recognition of the quality and performance that our offerings consistently deliver. We are grateful for their continued trust and confidence in our capabilities, and we eagerly look forward to further enhancing our successful relationship on future projects.”

Both solutions will be designed and manufactured at CRP Subsea’s cutting-edge production facility in the North West of England.  Project engineering works will start immediately, with delivery over the course of this year.

Product information

A bend stiffener is a bend-limiting device suited to dynamic applications, used to protect flexible pipelines, umbilicals or cables. It does this in three ways; (1) They ensure the flexible pipe does not bend beyond the manufacturer's desired MBR during the life of the project, in such a way as to optimise the fatigue performance of the flexible pipe. (2) They provide a suitable load path from the flexible pipe to the fixed structure. (3) Bend stiffeners reduce point loading at the termination point. We have an extensive track record in the supply of bend stiffeners, with zero failures.

The bend restrictor has been designed to protect flexible pipelines, umbilicals and cables from over bending and buckling during their installation or operation. The system comprises of a number of interlocking elements that form a semi-rigid curved structure, engineered to inhibit bending beyond a designated MBR at a specified design load in static and quasi-static applications, on any diameter subsea cable, umbilical, riser or flowline.

If you have a requirement for bend protection, contact our team today to discuss your latest project.

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