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AIS Bardot and CRP Subsea to provide comprehensive solution for UAE project

A substantial project win, we will supply our Uraduct® cable protection system and ballast modules.


AIS Bardot has been working with our customer NPCC for more than 15 years and the latest project is among the top five in value so far. Based in UAE, the award is for the stabilization and protection of electric cables that are used to supply power to oil and gas platforms. In the past, these platforms have been powered by either oil or gas. Now they are connected onshore via an electric cable, usually in shallow water and where AIS expertise and solutions are the ideal solution.

AIS Bardot will provide 11 km of Uraduct® cable protection, plus over 2,100 ballast modules to protect the cable and ensure the safe transfer of power to the platform. As well as producing Uraduct®, CRP Subsea will provide much of the tooling, ensuring the solution is both seamless and cost-effective.

AIS Bardot General Manager, Greg Hue had this to say:

“Everyone at AIS Bardot is delighted with this project award. We can produce up to 1 km of Uraduct® a week which sets us apart, so this is a project that allows us to demonstrate our capabilities. It is also an opportunity to work with our valued customer, NPCC. We are looking forward to this substantial project and collaborating with NPCC again in the future.”

To find out more about our Uraduct® solution, click here.  For our ballast modules, click here.

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