Manuplas® supply floating fenders to UK port

We worked with our customer in the UK to provide a fendering solution to protect large cargo and cruise vessels when berthing in a very busy port.


The highlights

Extra protection

We applied tyre nets to significantly prolong the life of the fenders and reduce maintenance costs.

Damage control

Our floating foam filled fenders prevent damage to both vessel and fender and make berthing operations easier and safer thanks to their high energy absorption and low reaction force.

Low maintenance

The unique spray-applied ultra high-performance polyurethane elastomer skin and nylon or Kevlar reinforcing maximises tear and abrasion resistance and is non-marking.


Our solution

We supplied foam-filled fenders coated in a high-performance polyurethane elastomer. For additional protection from sharp objects and excessive loads we applied tyre nets. The nets will significantly prolong the life of the fenders and reduce maintenance costs.


The installation of our fenders was simple, even alongside a berth with a curvature, something that would be difficult to achieve with fixed fendering.

To find out more about our range of floating fenders and how they could protect your berthing facilities from costly damage and reduce your long-term maintenance costs, read more now.

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