Manuplas® cast fendering protects leisure vessel swim platforms

Did you know our vessel fendering can be used to protect the swim platforms of luxury leisure vessels? Our expertise in the marine industry ensures that we are able to work closely with our customers to ensure that their requirements are met.

One of our customer’s needed fendering to safeguard the swim platform of their 52m luxury yacht. 


The highlights

One third lighter than rubber

Our cast fendering is one third lighter than rubber significantly reducing overall weight without reducing protection.

Smart design

Manufactured from a high-performance physically cross-linked polyethylene foam core.

Highend in-house tooling

Developed using reusable moulds specifically made to fit your vessel hull.


Our solution

Our marine team recommended our high-performance polyurethane cast fendering as this can absorb the impact from collisions with other vessels or walls / jetties inside harbours or marinas.

By fitting our fendering, the vessel owners can reduce:

• Damage to their yacht

• The need for repairs which can be a significant cost.

Not only does our cast fendering have a very smooth surface finish, but we supply custom moulded sections to ensure perfect fitting to the corners of swim platforms. The appearance of the fender is a very important consideration for our customers and is required to look very different to the fendering fitted to work vessels.

Success stories

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