AIS provides winterisation solution for sewage treatment plant

Our client, a sewage treatment plant in Litchfield, required winterisation of pipework and valves to ensure their smooth operation during the approaching winter months. The concern was that when left unprotected, the pipes would freeze, and ice would cause them to expand, potentially leading to costly repair work and extensive downtime.

Both insulating and weather resistant, AIS ContraFlex® jackets were chosen as the ideal solution for protecting essential equipment from the elements.


The highlights

Easy to install

ContraFlex® jackets are quick to fit, so much so that the customer was able to complete part of the installation themselves.

Engineered for the extremes

Our ContraFlex® jackets have been extensively tested for weather protection. This ensures they protect pipework and valves against the harsh winter conditions.

Bespoke solution

Our jackets are tailored to fit our customers equipment, so they provide the maximum level of protection.



Preparing a facility for winter is a vital practice for any company where essential equipment is located outdoors and exposed to the elements. The customer wished to insulate the straight pipework themselves, meaning the remainder of the scope required protection.

They knew that when unprotected in the cold months, valves and other moving parts are in danger of failing. To mitigate this, our expert team made bespoke ContraFlex® insulation jackets. This would remove the risk of frozen pipes and protect personnel from burning themselves throughout the year.



Our team provided ContraFlex® jackets to protect the customers equipment from direct contact with the harsh elements. As a removable solution, they are easy to install and in turn, take off for maintenance and repair.

They are so convenient that when clash points were added after our team surveyed the pipelines and valves, we sent additional jackets to the customer who was able to install them without issue.

With our ContraFlex® jackets in place, the sewage treatment plant can avoid expensive maintenance costs, damage to equipment, and downtime throughout the cold months.

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