Product specifications

Our pipe laying floats protect pipelines during shallow and deepwater installations by reducing weight and tension. They feature a robust and impact-resistant rotationally moulded external shell with a lightweight foam flotation core and interlocking spigot and cuff options.

  • Rotary moulded polyethylene shell, polyurethane foam filled core suitable for shallow depths
  • Rotary moulded polyethylene shell, syntactic foam core in a range of densities
  • Closed cell expanded polymer saddles covered with PU elastomer sprayed skin
  • Single piece units that can be configured with an open through hole, a through chain and shackle assembly or a rigid central pipe with pad eyes each end
  • Suitable for installation at water depths from 250 msw to 3000 msw
  • Modular configuration that is easily replaceable if damaged.

Tested for use in the toughest conditions

Modular design

Adjusted to suit project requirements

Integral strap grooves

Easy access / quick release by divers or ROV's

Flexible configuration

Accommodate all pipeline diameters

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