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Women in Engineering Day 2023

Hear from two of the inspirational women engineers at AIS who are making the world a better place.


Women are often under-represented in the field of engineering, as well as other STEM sectors. A national survey published via found that just 12% of those working in engineering occupations were women compared with 47% of the overall UK workforce.

Women in Engineering Day aims to raise awareness of this and showcase the efforts of women engineers around the world.

With this in mind, we caught up with Lacey Parris and Eve Purdy, two of the ground-breaking women at AIS who are contributing towards a brighter future.

What do you do at AIS?

Lacey: I am a Design Engineer, working as part of the Elastomers Engineering team to provide offshore renewable solutions. My work varies on a day-to-day basis, from writing calculation sheets and completing computational analysis to offsite testing and developing new systems.

I started at CRP as an intern while still at university and returned after I completed my master's. I’ve now been a part of the team for two years.

Eve: I work as a Graduate Design Engineer for CRP Subsea, specialising in NjordGuard Cable Protection Systems for offshore wind turbines. This involves a wide variety of work, including designing products from first principles, analysing existing products considering harsh environmental conditions and getting involved in product testing.

How / when did you decide to become an engineer?

Lacey: I was inspired to become an engineer by a childhood friend’s parent who works for an aeronautical engineer. They showed me how vast engineering is and the impact you can make as an Engineer.

Eve: I have always been curious about how things around me work, but I decided to become an engineer in school because of my strong interest in maths and physics. I liked the idea of working in evolving fields and having the variety of work that an engineering career provides.

What has been your best experience as an engineer?

Eve: My best experience was getting involved in the Factory Acceptance Test on my NjordGuard project. I was involved in the planning, system building, answering customer questions and data recording during the installation test in a dry dock and learned a huge amount from the experience.

What advice do you have for women interested in engineer?

Lacey: If engineering is something you’re interested in, just go for it! They’re so many things you can do with an engineering degree, and you’ll find the area for you.

Eve: Engineering is for everyone, and if you have an interest in how things work and an enthusiasm for STEM subjects, it’s 100% a career option for you. 

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