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Winterisation, no matter where you are

Multiple facilities give AIS a global reach, allowing us to protect your plant and help reduce energy costs whatever the location.


Did you know that AIS has various facilities that specialise in winterisation solutions? With resources in Canada, the UK, and Kazakhstan among others we can provide ContraFlex® jackets to protect your plant from the cold, no matter the location.

Winterisation is essential in cold climates where a significant drop in temperature can lead to expensive repair work and downtime due to damaged pipelines, equipment, emergency assets, process lines, ducting and more.

To give a little context on our capabilities, our purpose built 450 m² facility in Kazakhstan can produce up to 6,000 valve / flange winterisation jackets per month.

Canada is home to our largest installed base for ContraFlex® jackets and is a joint venture with Integral, an award-winning electrical, instrumentation, and project management company based in Alberta.

Closer to home, AIS are also able to serve the UK market and beyond from our Nottingham facility. We currently have eighteen production staff and three site engineers working on site and regularly produce 500 jackets a day with the capacity for more.

Made to a bespoke fit in various locations, our removable insulation jackets are tested for the toughest conditions. This makes them well suited to local markets, (temperatures can drop as low as -47°C in Kazakhstan and -35°C in Canada), but since our facilities are ideally located, we regularly serve global requirements.

A well-prepared facility will be more likely to make it through the cold months unscathed. Is your plant ready for winter?

Protect it against the cold by contacting our expert team.

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