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AIS, wet applied subsea insulation products for all needs

Looking for tried and tested wet applied subsea insulation solutions that you can trust to last? Then look no further.


First to market with phenolic wet applied subsea insulation, AIS has been assuring flow in HTHP subsea pipelines across the world for more than 20 years with our range of ContraTherm® products.

Still used today, our first wet applied subsea insulation product was ContraTherm® C55, a low-density, syntactic phenolic resin material that provides high thermal efficiency whilst minimising the overall weight applied to structures. This robust low-temperature curing, non-shrinking, pack-in-place solution is suited to static complex geometries and can accommodate late design changes with no impact on the schedule.

With over 2.5 million kgs applied globally, our ContraTherm® C25 is one of the most tested and thermally efficient subsea insulation products available on the market today. This flexible syntactic silicone is a highly adaptable material suited to both static and complex dynamic applications. Combined with our proprietary primer, our ambient cure ContraTherm® C25 allows us to apply it in challenging environmental conditions anywhere in the world.

Looking to the future, with oil and gas fields in ultra-deep water, greater pressures and higher temperatures, AIS is ready with our new ContraTherm® B85. This flexible two-part, cast-in-place, solid Hydrocarbon-based insulation product has excellent resistance to high temperatures (204°C) and can withstand unlimited water depth.

Find out more about our ContraTherm® range of products here or contact our team of specialists.

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