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Three solutions chosen for a shallow water project in Southeast Asia

Multiple bespoke polyurethane clamps to be engineered for a pipeline replacement project.


CRP Subsea has been awarded a significant contract, by a major subsea engineering, construction and services company. We will supply three field proven solutions to a pipeline replacement project (PRP). The PRP is taking place at existing offshore fields in the South China Sea, offshore Brunei.

The project involves installing new pipes along the seabed and up to the existing shallow water rigs. To connect the new risers and flowlines to the existing infrastructure, CRP Subsea will design a number of bespoke Polyurethane (PU) clamps/guides specifically designed to accommodate the different loads and jacket leg diameters.  The piggyback clamps are used to attach the flowline to the jacket leg. It will be secured in place with aramid straps and tensioning assembly. This product will also guide the flowlines, keeping them in position and minimising their movement in the shallow water.

CRP Subsea will provide abrasion and impact protection to the quasi-static riser flexible pipes using its market leading Uraduct®. Finally, the company will utilise our bend restrictors to control the bending of the flowlines. Thus preventing damage from occurring at the end termination points.

Ben Stubbens, Team Sales Manager at CRP Subsea states:

“We are delighted to have been chosen to supply our market-leading products for this project in Southeast Asia. We have an exemplary track record of providing large, complex clamps. This order reflects our customers' confidence in our ability to deliver reliable solutions.  Using our extensive engineering expertise, we have developed an innovative tooling technology. This technology helps minimise the non-recurring tooling costs when manufacturing our clamps. As this project required a number of different piggyback clamp sizes the customer has been able to reap the benefit of this.”

Engineering works have already started at CRP Subsea's world class production facility in the North West of England. Delivery of parts will commence this month, with final delivery by the end of the second quarter of this year. This is a fast track project so we’re actively working with the customer to ensure successful delivery.

Product information

Piggyback clamps are used when there is a requirement to connect one or more smaller pipelines, umbilicals or cables to a larger ‘carrier pipe’ or platform leg. They are secured in place using the appropriate straps and tensioning assembly. The clamps grip the piggyback line to restrain axial movement, whilst guides allow the piggyback line to move relative to the carrier pipe.

Uraduct® is a protection system designed and developed to protect cables, umbilical's, flowlines and hoses from abrasion and impact. Uraduct® can also be used to add ballast to cables and flowlines. It has established an enviable reputation as an industry standard for cable and flowline protection.

A bend restrictor is a bend-limiting device used to protect flexible pipelines, umbilicals or cables from over bending and buckling during their installation or operation. The system comprises of a number of interlocking elements that form a semi-rigid curved structure. They are engineered to inhibit bending beyond a designated minimum bending radius (MBR) during the life of the project. They provide a suitable load path from the flexible pipe to the fixed structure.

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