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EIC release Survive and Thrive VI report

Investment, innovation, and the state of the energy industry feature in the latest report, and it is available to download for free.


Energy Industries Council (EIC) have released Survive & Thrive VI, their latest report full of valuable energy industry insight.

A leading voice in the energy trade association, the EIC covers the trends in various sectors and supply chains and the latest instalment of Survive & Thrive includes 63 interviews with CEOs and senior figures of energy companies from around the world.

The report found that innovation is a significant focus for 51% of companies surveyed, up from 31% in 2021. It also features commentary on the importance of oil and gas after a shift in focus from renewables. This is despite it being largely cut off from government support - as EIC CEO Stuart Broadley comments:

“Now that oil and gas is legitimately back and adding huge value to governments and businesses, isn’t it also time to reassess what support is given to those businesses to help them more readily develop their oil and gas affairs internationally; to reverse, or at least soften, the policies around removing government support and funding for oil and gas-related exports?”

Growth also features throughout, and our own success story can be found on pages 36 – 37, detailing how we unlocked new opportunities in China and Brazil. Highlights include thriving whilst sticking to the core values of your business and how allowing more time in the early procurement stages can enable better decision-making.

Click here to access the full, free report.

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