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Van Oord Sofia Offshore Wind Farm award for AIS Bardot grout seals

A significant renewable project, the award is a testament to the quality of our seals, both of which are bespoke for Van Oord.


AIS has been awarded the supply of a grout and airtight seal for the extended monopile foundations on RWE’s Sofia Offshore Wind Farm by Van Oord. AIS has supported Van Oord on this dual solution from an early stage in the design process to develop a finalised product.

Manufacture is underway on the 7.5 metre diameter seal to retain the grout in place for the connection between the concrete main access platform and the monopile, as well as a 6.4m diameter airtight seal within the monopile which prevents potential gas entering the internal platform from inside the foundation.

Both designs are unique to the project and this contract is another example of how AIS is supporting renewable projects around the world.

At 1.4 gigawatts (GW) Sofia Offshore Wind Farm is one of the largest single offshore wind farms in the world. It will comprise of 100 14 megawatt (MW) turbines sited on Dogger Bank in the central North Sea, approximately 195 kilometres from the UK’s north-east coast. Now under construction, the project is 100% owned by RWE.

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