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NjordShield cable protection systems installed in China

An innovative and cost-effective cable protection system has been successfully installed offshore


CRP Subsea has supplied NjordShield, their latest cable protection system (CPS), to the Bozhong A offshore wind farm, located in the Yellow Sea, offshore China.

Drawing on their vast experience and advanced engineering capabilities CRP Subsea worked closely with the customer to gain a deep understanding of their requirements. This lead to the development of a new CPS. NjordShield offers significant advantages due to its compact component size, making maneuvering and installation easier, especially when deck space on the vessel is limited.

This innovative and cost-effective CPS solution was engineered to eliminate the requirement for connectors or the need to latch into position, maximising operational efficiency and effectiveness. The NjordShield CPS has now been successfully installed offshore on numerous j-tube installations, accommodating four different array cable sizes.

Andy Smith, Global CPS Manager at CRP Subsea states:

"We take immense pride in the remarkable achievement of NjordShield, our latest CPS solution, and are thrilled to receive the news that the initial installations were executed seamlessly, without any complications. The invaluable feedback from our customer confirms that NjordShield's installation process was remarkably straightforward and user-friendly. With this success as a foundation, we eagerly look forward to future collaborations for other offshore wind farm installation projects."

The NjordShield's were designed and manufactured at CRP Subsea’s state-of-the-art production facility in the North West of England.  Delivery and installation took place at the end of last year.

Product information

NjordShield is an innovative CPS that is suitable for both J-tube and monopile wind farm installations. NjordShield features CRP Subsea’s advanced API 17L certified Uraduct® abrasion-resistant polyurethane and can be extended to provide seabed protection across the scour extremities to the point of burial. NjordShield has the option to be supplied either with or without a flexible internal bend stiffener.

If you have a CPS requirement, contact our expert team today to discuss your latest project.

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