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Manuplas® provide 85 units of cylindrical rubber fenders

Manuplas® recently designed and supplied 85 units of cylindrical rubber fenders, for a project that saw the refurbishment and upgrading of a historical European port.


Ensuring effective fendering was installed as part of the project was key to protecting marine vessel users and the port from damage.

With rubber fenders being versatile, this made them the ideal cost-effective solution. Their high impact resistance is an essential quality that the port authorities required, and accommodated to the port’s main concern; safety. Our fenders ensure operations at the port will be both easier and safer, thanks to preventing damage to both vessel and port. Without fendering, serious and costly damage could occur.

Our bespoke fenders can be designed to include:

• Extruded profiles of up to and including 300mm outer diameter can be supplied to any reasonable length, meaning we can make our fenders bespoke to your port.
• Lengths up to 13 metres have been achieved in past projects, we know this can be important and more cost effective than having multiple smaller fenders.
• Horizontal, vertical or diagonal mounting depending upon the application and working environment.

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