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Local presence essential to installation buoyancy success in Brazil

A local presence makes AIS extremely competitive in the Brazilian market and provides numerous benefits to the local community.


At AIS, we understand the value of having a local presence. Not only does it allow us to build relationships with our customers.  It was also vital when supplying installation buoyancy to a key client for our first installation buoyancy project in Brazil.

In this project it was essential we were able to meet three key criteria for supply.  They were: technical compliance, best price and local content. We met all three requirements, assuring the customer of our capability.

Our ancillary and modmin installation buoys are now a standard design, which makes us extremely competitive in the Brazilian market. With the tooling readily available, no requirements for the design phase, and existing approved documentation in place, AIS’ price point offers excellent value for installation buoyancy.

Using local content also benefits communities throughout the world by expanding their skillset and enhancing their employability.

Therefore, not only do communities benefit as we expand into new regions and markets, our customers do too because our price point is so competitive.

AIS can provide buoyancy solutions using modular designs and field proven, qualified buoyancy systems.  Click here to find out more about the full range of our installation buoyancy products.  

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