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How our ContraFlex® Jackets can be used in the Marine industry

We share the benefits of our ContraFlex® jackets and how the can be effectively used in the marine industry.


Whilst we’re disappointed that we’re not currently making our final preparations and will miss seeing you all in Southampton in a couple of weeks for SeaWork 2020, (reschedule dates are still to TBC), we wanted to remind you why this year we were planning for our team from our ContraFlex® jackets to attend with our marine team.

Did you know that in some parts of the engine room on a marine vessel, the temperature can exceed 600°C!

With temperatures this high, there is a significant risk of injury to those working if they or the equipment are not adequately protected.  Installation of appropriate insulation to key parts of the system for example marine exhausts and ship manifolds can significantly reduce the potential risk.

Designed and tested to operate effectively at temperatures ranging from -55°C to +950°C, our ContraFlex® jackets have a durable outer cloth that is weather and oil resistant as added benefit when installed in marine environments and engine rooms.

Installation of jackets can:

• Make the area safer to work in
• Quick and easy to install
• Fastenings are designed to allow easy access, ideal for maintenance purposes or checking on working parts.

Helping to conserve energy has the additional benefit of reducing fuel costs which is a great benefit for all operators.

Talk to our jackets team to find out how our jackets could improve the efficiently and effectiveness of your marine vessel.

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