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How AIS insulation jackets offer significant value for OEM

Our insulation jackets offer numerous benefits to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) customers. This includes helping them on their decarbonisation journey, and more.


Rising energy costs and greenhouse gases are having a direct impact on running costs for everyone. Yet, through insulation, it is possible to reduce energy consumption by minimising heat loss.  So what are the benefits of ContraFlex® insulation jackets for OEM?  

ContraFlex® jackets improve efficiency and safety in the workplace. They provide heat conservation and personnel protection in various energy applications such as Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), steam, marine and standby power exhausts among others.  

 Some of the key attributes of our ContraFlex® jackets include:  

  • Enhanced operational efficiency
  • They provide payback within one year
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Financial savings
  • They help meet sustainability targets 
  • Are removable for ease of maintenance 
  • Our jackets also provide burn protection 

ContraFlex® jackets also allow our OEM customers to sell a piece of equipment with a specific part number, thanks to our dedicated customer library. This library ensures we have the exact drawings and measurements of every part or kit that requires a jacket. Not only this, but our jackets team uses a consultative approach to set out clear specifications and reduce the time it takes to create bespoke jackets. 

Where flexibility is key, our ContraFlex® jackets are available in a range of fabrics, draw cords, fastenings, and infills to suit any requirement. This allows for a cost-effective solution.  

Contact our expert team today to discuss how our insulation jackets for OEM help reduce energy consumption. Or follow us on LinkedIn for more news about our range of innovative products.

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