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The ContraFlame® S1- Series: Combining usability and unparalleled testing know-how for thermal barrier materials

We’re on a mission to redefine battery safety, and this is evident in our ContraFlame® S1 materials. Our flagship battery protection line, the S1- Series is innovative in its capabilities and offers our customers numerous uses.


It took over 250 live tests and a team with a wealth of knowledge to develop our ContraFlame® S1- Series into the products they are.

What sets our ContraFlame® S1- Series apart is a sleek 0.9 mm profile and a sustainable composition, but most of all, their usability. Their use for different applications was essential from the start, as we strived to develop a solution that meets safety standards and seamlessly integrates into various battery designs.

The result is a series of products compatible with adhesives or plastic over-moulding, and a specialised design that makes them ideal for use on aluminium, steel and plastics. Essentially, engineers and designers now have a highly flexible solution.

Our development journey involved real-world testing; ContraFlame® S1 materials have undergone more than 250 live tests with various battery cells like cylindrical 18650, 21700, 46xx and prismatic batteries up to 100 Ah.

These tests have been instrumental in fine-tuning the solution to ensure optimal performance and safety. The extensive test data we've amassed during this time has positioned us as leaders in the field, with a deep understanding of the challenges and concerns related to battery safety.

ContraFlame® S1 materials are more than a range of products; they are the culmination of knowledge gained through rigorous testing. This has contributed towards our understanding of the complexities involved in safeguarding battery cells from various threats.

This wealth of knowledge makes AIS unique in the market. It allows us to provide a cutting-edge solution in our ContraFlame® S1 materials whilst offering support in addressing safety concerns through our testing expertise.

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