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Boat fendering range sets Manuplas® apart

By offering fendering options for every type of boat, Manuplas® fenders are found in every corner of the world.


Did you know that our Manuplas® team offer a variety of options when it comes to boat fendering?

One of our most popular is spray PU. This is a product we commonly apply to workboats. A practical solution for boat fendering, spray PU is incredibly robust, making it ideal for pilot boats, patrol boats, and wind farm boats among others. Indeed, we were recently awarded a significant order for seven pilot boat fendering systems from a UK customer.

Another option for protecting your vessel is cast PU. This is often used as a secondary fender for the workboats mentioned above but is most commonly applied to luxury yachts due to its moulded profile and slick finish. This is why it is the fender of choice for a luxury Swedish yacht brand and has been for many years.

We also offer Polyurea fendering. Again, these fenders are well suited to luxury vessels but are an option for work boats. Its stippled, uniform finish, ensures it is in high demand in the industry. Significantly, our Polyurea fendering is made to any shape or size. This is part of the reason we supplied our Polyurea fenders to a popular cruise ship company for use on four exploration vessels.

At AIS, we are proud to be among only a few companies that offer all three options. Unsurprisingly, our yacht fendering solutions protect vessels in waters in every corner of the globe.

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