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AIS win EIC Innovation Award

AIS has been awarded the EIC (Energy Industries Council) Innovation award for its underdeck and bulkhead fire protection and insulation system – ContraFlame® MS400.


In the first week of October, the oil price hit its highest level in four years, providing an added boost in confidence to the oil and gas sector going into 2019. Cost savings have been a huge emphasis for the industry in recent years, due to the faltering oil prices between 2014-16. ContraFlame® MS400 has helped operators save tens of millions of pounds and significant weight for the underdeck of topside structures – a key variable when venturing into deeper and harsher environments.

Presented by Ernie Lamza, Chief Operating Officer of the Oil and Gas Innovation Centre, the award was received by Topside Sales Director, Philip Watson, on behalf of Advanced Insulation.

This is the second national award for ContraFlame® MS400 in 2018, having won a Queen’s Award for innovation earlier this year.

Philip Watson, Topside Sales Director, commented:

“To be recognised for a second time in 2018 for our achievements in the creation and growth of our ContraFlame® MS400 product is absolutely fantastic. The system has helped our clients save hundreds of tonnes of weight per project, something we are extremely proud of.

“In addition to lightweight fire protection and insulation, operators worldwide are requiring a more robust solution that can deal with wave slam and wind loads, as well as winter temperatures down to -44oC. These are all contributing factors as to why ContraFlame® MS400, as a fit and forget system with a 40-year platform life, is now specified by many global operators.”

Stuart Broadley, CEO of the Energy Industries Council, commented:

“Advanced Insulation identified a pressing need among O&G players worldwide for lighter topsides. Their innovative ContraFlame® MS400 system is attracting industry-wide attention and given that they allow for a 50% weight reduction, leading to massive savings, while also enhancing fire protection, insulation and blast resistance, it’s not hard to see why.”

Andrew Bennion, Managing Director of Advanced Insulation, added,

“Tonight was a very special evening for the company. Not only did we win our second Innovation award of the year but two of our R&D staff received Rising Star Awards to fund their MBAs in Oil and Gas Management. Investing in innovation is not just about investing in materials and equipment but also the staff that formulate, test and bring these products to market. The EIC Awards have been a fantastic celebration of this, congratulations to all involved!”

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