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AIS strengthens renewables team

World-leading material solutions provider AIS are delighted to announce that Greg VanHinsbergh has been appointed as Product Manager – Renewables.


World-leading material solutions provider Advanced Insulation are delighted to announce that Greg VanHinsbergh has been appointed as Product Manager – Renewables in a move which further strengthens their renewables team and supports the company in achieving one of its key objectives – diversification.

Having spent over 30 years designing and managing world-class mechanisms and systems for the offshore, subsea, defence, precision engineering, and mobile construction industries, Greg has been collaborating with Advanced Insulation for three years.

This appointment, which is effective immediately, will enable him to take full responsibility for the product specification and run renewables product development programmes. Greg said,

“I’m delighted to have this opportunity with Advanced Insulation, their investment in continued innovation is key to the successes that we’re now seeing in this market and I’m excited to be part of this growth industry going forward.”

Managing Director for Advanced Insulation Andrew Bennion said,

“Greg is highly experienced in cable protection and sealing arrangements for wind farms, and has been instrumental in helping us develop innovative solutions for this market which is a key target for us as a company as we use our knowledge to diversify from our traditional industry base. I’m delighted that we’re able to make this appointment and share positive news at this time”.

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