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AIS Manuplas® support STEM event in Plymouth

AIS Manuplas® promote local manufacturing and more when visiting St. Boniface’s Catholic College in Plymouth.


When the PMG (Plymouth Manufacturer's Group) asked AIS Manuplas® to support St. Boniface’s Catholic College with a Dimension Day, our team were more than happy to help.

By suspending the normal lesson timetable, Dimension Days allow students to learn in different ways. A variety of events and activities are arranged for each year group in the school on these days. This year, the Year 10 student’s topic was STEM, which is where our team stepped in.

Our team tailored the day to STEM. Indeed, a slide show and practical activities involving a range of products were part of the fun, which was all tailored to STEM. Manufactured in Plymouth, these products included floating fenders, leisure products, cast fenders, and subsea buoyancy. The students examined the products and identified the use for each one. They also considered how they were made, and what materials they are made from.

Our "guess the weight of the fender" activity ensured that each session finished with a bit of fun. Of course, there was an incentive; an AIS goody box was the prize for the student who guessed the closest weight.

The day was a huge success, much to the delight of everyone involved...

Mark Eborne, Project Design Engineer, AIS Manuplas® commented:

"I was genuinely impressed by the level and depth of curiosity shown by the students whilst showcasing our marine products. Events like this are a great opportunity to represent local engineering/manufacturing and connect with the community."

Rachael Hudson, Head of Year 10 at St. Boniface Catholic College said:

"The students discovered what Manuplas® does as a company and they were given access to a carousel of equipment. Then, they learnt about what materials are used for each product, and how each piece of equipment operates and performs in the world's most challenging environments. 

Later on, the students were introduced to the use of CAD and were shown the design and materials used for waterparks. Manuplas® delivered a session full of information and career options the students didn't realise were available to them. All the students were fully engaged and thoroughly enjoyed their time.

Thank you, Manuplas®."

With a range of STEM skills used throughout, our team were impressed with the student’s engagement and involvement in all sessions. Next up are the Year 9's, who will be designing and producing a product to clear our Oceans of microplastics.. We are looking forward to supporting them in the near future.

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