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Evaluate failure conditions with AIS’ battery abuse test site

With a range of materials and an advanced battery abuse test facility, AIS is at the forefront of battery protection in the UK and beyond.


AIS is unique in the market. Not only have we developed and offer a range of anti-propagation and fire-retardant materials, designed to protect battery packs, but we also offer battery abuse test services for our customers.

For example, we have subjected Q57 to over 200 live cell thermal runaway tests. Q57 is our highly advanced, flexible fabric sheet on a roll, designed to be used on the internal faces of battery enclosures, modules, and barriers.

These tests involve different cell formats, energy densities, chemistries, substrates and vent spaces. Indeed, our capacity means we can offer a range of lithium-ion battery testing to simulate real-world events. Our tests help customers ensure their batteries fulfil legal, industry and manufacturer requirements.

We have also invested heavily in our thermal cycling program, utilising our environmentally friendly test chamber. This allows us to test batteries under different conditions, including temperature variations of -40 to 80°C, to assess a battery’s durability and capacity.

This, in combination with our ability to meet the increasing demand for our testing services, makes AIS a leading UK battery abuse test facility.

If you have a battery abuse test requirement and need to test beyond ordinary scenarios to evaluate your battery’s performance and safety, contact our expert team on [email protected] today.

Alternatively, to find out more about our testing capabilities, click here.

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