Product specifications

Bend restrictors are designed to prevent over-bending of flexible pipes, umbilicals and cables at the interface with rigid structures.

  • Designed in compliance with international offshore standards, including API17-L1 and API17-L2 (equivalent to ISO 13628-16 and ISO 13628-17)
  • In case of high temperature applications, a thermal shield made of high temperature grade polyurethane can be added
  • Designed to avoid any damage that could occur to its external sheath such as tearing and pinching
  • All half shells of a string are identical therefore don’t need to be mounted according to a numbering pattern and can be switched if needed.

Tested for use in the toughest conditions


The low density of the material in polymer bend restrictors makes them far lighter than steel bend restrictors, especially in seawater.


Materials used have been selected for their durability over time meaning that once installed, no maintenance is required.


Bend restrictors are moulded using a yellow coloured resin to comply with offshore standards regarding subsea visibility.

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