Cable management system

Our innovative hybrid bend limiter solution is the first cable protection system which is designed, from first principles, to meet the unique challenges of the offshore wind environment. With interfaces for both monopile and j-tube connections, C.Shield® provides protection for the full design life helping to maintain the LCOE (levelised cost of energy).

Why AIS?

Intelligent design intelligently delivered

We recognised that adapted legacy oil and gas technologies are insufficient and through our unique catalogue engineering approach, we select the best materials to meet specific challenges at each part of the system.


Through rigorous load case definition and superior material selection C.Shield® is designed to perform for the full design life of the offshore asset.


Straight forward, reliable design to maximise offshore installation flexibility. C.Shield® can be assembled on deck using hand tools. Engineered as a simple load path, optimising engineering analysis, improving reliability and safety.


C.Shield® offers reduced risk through robust design and verification testing, backed by an extended 5-year warranty.

Success story

A 20 year track record


Cable protection challenge is a breeze for AIS

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